Burn's Precision Machining Gives Your Parts a signature look.

Burn’s Precision Machining is an industry leader in CNC turning in the West Central Florida area. Our superior CNC turning services allow us to fabricate parts and components from a variety of materials, all with unparalleled accuracy and precision. No other facility in the area can match our level of excellence in CNC turning services.

Utilizing computer-automated lathes and machinery, we ensure precise repeatability of fabricated parts and components. Burn’s Precision Machining uses state-of-the-art Doosan CNC lathes, run by Mastercam CAD software.

Using this high quality equipment in our machine shop enables us to meet our customers' most exact specifications with perfect precision. Our CNC turning processes can be uniquely tailored for any application, so no matter what your project requires, Burn’s Precision Machining will work with you to create the ideal CNC turning process for your needs.

Our CNC turning services are ideal for small or large volume runs for your custom components. We also offer prototype CNC turning to guarantee that the finished product meets your specifications. Burn’s Precision Machining CNC turning facility will deliver superior fabricated parts for any application, quickly, efficiently, and at low cost. If you’re looking for top quality CNC milling in Central Florida, look no further than Burn’s Precision Machining.



Doosan PUMA 2000SY - Twin Spindle with live tooling. Main Spindle has 10" Chuck and collet adapter. Sub Spindle has 6" chuck with collet adapter and full Y axis. LNS quick load 65-magazine bar feed

Doosan PUMA 240 MB - Single Spindle with full C-Axis. Main Spindle has S-26 collet chuck, 8" chuck and 10" chuck. Programmable tail stock. LNS quick-load 65 magazine bar feeder. 2 3/4bar capacity

Doosan LYNX 220LYA - Single Spindle with full Y-Axis. Main Spindle has 16-C collet chuck, and a 6"chuck. Programmable tail stock. LNS quick-load 65 magazine bar feeder. 2.4bar capacity